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Sapienza NLP @ EACL 2023

Sapienza NLP will be at EACL 2023 with a new paper about Entity Disambiguation

We are excited to announce that our paper titled Entity Disambiguation with Entity Definitions has been accepted at EACL 2023! This work investigates the role of expressive textual representations in Entity Disambiguation tasks.

Entity Disambiguation with Entity Definitions

by L. Procopio, S. Conia, E. Barba, and R. Navigli

Local models have recently attained astounding performances in Entity Disambiguation (ED), with generative and extractive formulations being the most promising research directions. However, previous works limited their studies to using, as the textual representation of each candidate, only its Wikipedia title. Although certainly effective, this strategy presents a few critical issues, especially when titles are not sufficiently informative or distinguishable from one another. In this paper, we address this limitation and investigate to what extent more expressive textual representations can mitigate it. We thoroughly evaluate our approach against standard benchmarks in ED and find extractive formulations to be particularly well-suited to these representations: we report a new state of the art on 2 out of 6 benchmarks we consider and strongly improve the generalization capability over unseen patterns. We release our code, data and model checkpoints at .