Roberto Navigli

~ Now

Babelnet Multilinguality Natural Language Understanding Semantics

Full professor and head of the Sapienza NLP Group, conducting research in multilingual Natural Language Understanding, including Word Sense Disambiguation, Semantic Role Labeling and Semantic Parsing in multiple languages.


Tommaso Pasini

~ Now

Common Sense Reasoning Multilinguality Word Sense Disambiguation Word Sense Distribution

I am a 28-years-old post doctoral fellow doing research in Natural Language Processing. Specifically, I am interested in integrating knowledge at different levels (from semantic up to common sense) and in different forms (symbolic, latent, etc) so as to enable full and deep automatic text understanding.

Najla Kalach

~ Now

Arabic Language Linguistics Word Sense Disambiguation

I am a Postdoctoral researcher and my main research fields are Arabic Linguistics, Arabic Dialectology and Arabic Literature especially related to Middle East Area and the Gulf.

Gabriele Tola

~ Now

Chinese Language Chinese Lexicology Japanese Language Linguistics

Formerly JSPS (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science – 日本学術振興会) postdoctoral fellow at the Graduate School of East Asian Cultures (東アジア文化研究科) of Kansai University, my specialisation is Chinese language and Chinese studies; the focus of my research is Chinese lexicography and lexicology.

Rocco Tripodi

~ Now

Game Theory Semantic Parsing Semantic Role Labeling Word Sense Disambiguation

Rocco is interested in learning models based on game theoretic principles and on the design, learning and evolution of linguistic communication systems.

PhD Students

Andrea Di Fabio

~ Now

Linguist Semantic Role Labeling Semantics

I'm a PhD candidate in Computational Linguistics at Sapienza University of Rome. My research interests range from eye-tracker-based Psycholinguistics to Argument Structure Studies applied to NLP.

Rexhina Blloshmi

~ Now

Document Embeddings Multilinguality Semantic Parsing Word Sense Disambiguation

Cheerful and determined person, interested in semantics, multilinguality and the ambiguity of text. Currently delving into Semantic Parsing.

Marco Maru

~ Now

Linguistics Semantics Word Sense Disambiguation

Ph.D. student in Computational Linguistics, regularly busy figuring out fresh approaches to deal with Word Sense Disambiguation. Speaking of which, have you already checked out?

Bianca Scarlini

~ Now

Knowledge Acquisition Semantic Representations Word Sense Disambiguation

I am a second year PhD student in Natural Language Processing and a third year member of the Sapienza NLP team. My research is focused on lexical semantics and I am currently exploring the semantic representations' universe.

Federico Scozzafava

~ Now

Machine Learning Semantic Parsing Word Sense Disambiguation

Computer Science and NLP enthusiast to the bone. I like electronics, designing new things, music, and parrots.

Michele Bevilacqua

~ Now

Lexical Semantics Natural Language Generation Semantic Parsing

Second year PhD student. I teach English (and other languages) to neural networks for a living.

Caterina Lacerra

~ Now

Computer Engineer Lexical Substitution Word Sense Disambiguation

PhD student, currently working on Word Sense Disambiguation and Lexical Substitution. Dinosaur enthusiast.

Federico Martelli

~ Now

Knowledge Acquisition Multilinguality Sense Clustering Word Sense Disambiguation

Ph.D. student in Natural Language Processing. On a mission to overcome linguistic barriers through innovative technology.

Simone Conia

~ Now

Concept Representation Multilinguality Semantic Role Labeling

Natural Language Understanding: is it possible to learn this power?

Edoardo Barba

~ Now

Contextualized Embeddings Word Sense Disambiguation

Passionate PHD student always eager to learn. I love to do sports, eat, watch movies and eat.

Luigi Procopio

~ Now

Machine Translation Semantic Parsing

PhD student with a passion towards NLP since high school diploma.

Niccolò Campolungo

~ Now

Contextual Embeddings Reduction Greenai Pruning

I'm an engineer turned data scientist turned (aspiring) researcher. I like to build easy-to-use things that work and make (at least a little) sense :)

Other Members

Agostina Calabrese

~ Now

Abuse Detection Multimodal Learning

I'm currently delving into Online Hate and Abuse Detection. 'Cause sexist people won't listen to women, but maybe they'll listen to AI.