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Welcome to the all-new Sapienza NLP website!

We are proud to launch our all-new website!

We are proud to launch our all-new website! Redesigned from the ground up with modern standards in mind, the Sapienza NLP website will be the main showcase for research. Expect this website to be updated whenever we release a new research product, present our papers, or just discuss about things we are passionate about!

Under the guidance of Prof. Roberto Navigli, the Sapienza NLP group, part of the Computer Science department of the Sapienza University of Rome, has continuously grown over the last few years and now it features 4 Post Doctoral Research Fellows and 12 PhD students. Here, we take the opportunity to (re)introduce them and their amazing work!

Postdocs @ Sapienza NLP

With Tommaso Pasini, Najla Kalach, Gabriele Tola and the recent addition of Rocco Tripodi, the Sapienza NLP group can now rely on four Post Doctoral Research Fellows with very diverse and distinct backgrounds:

Tommaso Pasini

After Roberto Navigli, Tommaso is the "eldest" active member of the Sapienza NLP group. He is currently working on Word Sense Disambiguation, Word Sense Distribution Learning and Multilinguality. Nevertheless, he still finds time to supervise multiple PhD and Master's students.

Najla Kalach

In the Sapienza NLP core mission to spread multilinguality, Najla sure plays a fundamental role. She is our expert of reference for the Arabic language and closely works with Babelscape to ensure our research products can reach a wider audience.

Gabriele Tola

The Sapienza NLP group wouldn't be able to pursue its goal without an expert Chinese linguist. Gabriele lived and studied both in China and Japan for many years, and his experience is invaluable to our group.

Rocco Tripodi

Rocco is the latest addition to the Sapienza NLP group. This didn't stop him to become a key figure to Sapienza NLP in a extremely short time: he is already supervising multiple PhD students and helping the whole group with his vast knowledge in Machine Learning and Game Theory.

PhD Students @ Sapienza NLP

The number of PhD students in the Sapienza NLP group has kept growing over the past few years: in 2020, we are proud to announce we reached an all-time high with 12 PhD students!

Despite being part of the Computer Science Department of the Sapienza University of Rome, our PhD students come from different backgrounds. For example, Andrea Di Fabio, Marco Maru, Michele Bevilacqua and Federico Martelli have strong foundations in Linguistics, while Rexhina Blloshmi, Bianca Scarlini and Federico Scozzafava studied Computer Science, and Caterina Lacerra, Simone Conia, Edoardo Barba, Luigi Procopio and Niccolò Campolungo come from Engineering in Computer Science.

They all share the same passion for Natural Language Processing, however each of them inherited different interests from their supervisors from Word Sense Disambiguation and Knowledge Acquisition to Semantic Role Labeling and Semantic Parsing, from Semantic Representation and Concept Learning to Contextualized Embeddings and Natural Language Generation.

Be sure to visit this page to learn more about each of them!